Family adventures/ Amusement parks

Families will find an abundance of possible activities in Scandinavia during summertime. At Astrid Lindgren’s World in Swedish Småland, the fairy tales of Pippi Longstocking, Ronja the Robber’s Daughter and Emil come to life and at beautiful Gotland you can travel 600 years back in time during Medieval Week. If you visit the cities you could go to the amusement parks Gröna Lund in Stockholm or Liseberg in Gothenburg. And at Skansen, Stockholm’s open air museum, you find about 150 historical buildings from almost every part of Sweden, as well as a zoo with Scandinavian animals such as wolves, bears and lynx.

Sami adventures

When you go to Lapland in the north of Sweden, you also come to Sapmi, which is the Sami name for their land. The Sami people have lived in the northernmost parts of Scandinavia for at least the last 2500 years, mainly living off raindeer herding. When participating in a Sami adventure, you get an insight into the day-to-day life of the sami. On these tours you live with the sami in their traditional triangular tents, learning how to catch a reindeer with a lasso, and test driving your own reindeer drawn sled. This is an unforgettable adventure, 200 km north of the Arctic Circle, where, during summer, the sun never sets, and nature is majestic and pristine.


The Alps may be higher and bigger, but Åre, the Swedish mountain resort, has the largest zipline park in Europe. To swish above the beautiful nature of Åreskutan, at a speed of up to 70 km/h, is the perfect adventure for people of almost every age. Zipline is a ropeway where you are strapped in on a harness, the wire stretching from the top of a cliff to the valley below, passing over rivers, trees and slopes. In Åre you will find zipline runs of various height, length and speed, providing a fantastic adventure for everyone who wants a thrill while enjoying the breathtaking scenery.

Tandem flying

Do you ever think about what it might be like to really fly? The dream can become reality! Feel free as a bird while soaring high above the ground. You don’t need previous experience and after just a few minutes of preparation you can connect yourself to the guide and take off. Flying tandem is safe and allows you to enjoy the scenery from high above. Everyone who can run ten metres can tandem fly! Tandem flying is available in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Enköping, Öland, Österlen and Åre in Sweden, and in Norway you can try tandem flying in Hemsedal, Troms and Vestfold.

Cycling trips/ mountain biking

Riding a bike allows you to get close to Scandinavia’s wildlife and nature. In southern Scandinavia the bike paths are lined with golden fields where cows are grazing, and you easily can stop for a swim in a secluded forest lake whenever you get hot or tired. The majestic countryside of northern Scandinavia offers hillier paths where you can go for miles without seeing any cars, while passing by deserted farms and through vast pine woods. The more adventurous can try mountainbiking down Sweden’s or Norway’s mountain slopes. In the traditional Swedish ski resort Åre, some of the lifts and slopes are open to mountainbikers during summer. In Norway cycling is excellent in Trysil and Säter.


Diving in Norway and Sweden is a truly unique experience as the clear waters offer superb visibility and many treasures. In Sweden you will find an abundance of old shipwrecks and Norway has the Lake Lygnstöylsvatnet, where in 1908 a landslide cut off an entire valley and flooded the village that stood there. You can also choose from lake diving, open sea diving, current diving and wall diving. Diving in Scandinavia allows you to feel less like an underwater tourist and more like a real adventurer. The west coast of Sweden offers fantastic diving conditions, as does Sörlandet in Norway.


The north of Sweden offers a variety of mighty rivers with beautiful watercourses that are excellent for white-water rafting at many different degrees of difficulty. In the area around the skiing metropolis of Åre in Jämtland, for example, you will find Gevsjöströmmarna, Sweden’s steepest navigable rivers for fast and furious, outstanding, world class white-water rafting. Examples of other fine stretches can be found at the Vindel and Byske Rivers in northern Västerbotten, Kalix River in Norrbotten and Västerdal River in Dalarna. In Norway you’ll find that Voss, Bergen and Sjoa have many exciting waterways.


Nothing compares to sailing if you’re looking for a taste of pure freedom. The coastlines of Scandinavia are extremely varied and can give you a thrilling experience of speed and open water on the west coast of Sweden, as well as a more peaceful tour past flowering archipelago islands if you choose to go sailing on the Swedish east coast, near Stockholm. The canal system with its many locks takes you through several of Sweden’s big lakes, offering views of the rural countryside. If you prefer to go to Norway, the idyllic southern parts of the country offer sunny, salty summerdays where you can visit the smiling, relaxed fishing villages, while further north, you can experience the majestic views of fjords and mountains.

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