Wellness and spa/ feelgood trips

During the past years spas have popped up all over Scandinavia, and today there is hardly any part of Sweden or Norway where you can’t find a good wellness centre or go for a relaxing massage. One of the most famous ones is the Japanese spa hotel Yasuragi outside Stockholm, where you can have Japanese baths, treatments and delicious meals, all with a stunning view of the inlet of Stockholm. If you prefer other activities, you can participate in champagne or chocolate tastings, or take yoga, meditation or mindfulness classes, all available in most parts of Scandinavia.

Personal shopping assistance

Need help finding your way through Stockholm’s or Oslo’s many fashion stores? Want to find that special Scandinavian outfit to stun your friends when you get back home? Or just curious to see what a personal shopper could do for your looks and wellbeing? If you are in Stockholm or Oslo, this is an experience to try!


The Swedes are fond of their evening courses, and both here and in Norway there is a huge variety of activities that you could try out, once or several times during your stay. You will find everything you could possibly wish for, from dancing, painting and writing classes, to professional career coaching that could help you make an inspired and fresh start when you get back home. During summer there are specialized courses in beautiful surroundings in the countryside. Try horseback riding, learn Italian, do African dancing or advanced yoga. Everything is possible.

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