If you want to try something new to give you lasting memories of your Scandinavian holiday, there are many activities to choose from, especially in the central and northern parts of Sweden and Norway. Try tandem flying to get a birdseye view of the beautiful mountains, or go rafting down one of the wild rivers. If you enjoy the sea, you could try sailing in southern Norway or off the Swedish west coast.


There are plenty of sights and cultural events in Sweden and Norway to be enjoyed during the summer months. The big cities come to life in May to September, offering a wide range of sightseeing tours, museums, concerts and festivals. Go for a guided tour by boat to see the centre of Stockholm or take a trip on the canals of Gothenburg. If you visit Sweden in June, don’t miss the Midsummer festivities, when people celebrate all through the neverending summer night.


Scandinavia is a wonderful place to be in the summertime. Famous for its magnificent midnight sun, you can easily get the feeling that the sun never sets. If you visit the northern parts of Sweden or Norway you can enjoy hiking, trekking and mountain climbing or go horseback riding, fishing or hunting. There are plenty of beautiful boat trips, one of the most famous being the Hurtigruten in Norway, which takes you to the most scenic parts of the Norwegian fjords and mountains.

Life style

As the climate gets warmer and the days longer, Scandinavian people tend to become more outgoing and relaxed. The city streets are bustling with life and most people stay outdoors all day just to enjoy the summer sun. In the cities you can go shopping or sightseeing or just enjoy people watching in one of the many outdoor cafés and restaurants. There are lots of beautiful beaches and as the water is so clean, you can even go swimming or fishing right in the centre of Stockholm.


The Scandinavians are sporty by nature, and if you are looking for an active holiday, Sweden and Norway is a good place to be. Golfing is big, and there are several excellent golf courses to choose from in all parts of Sweden. If you like mountainbiking, don’t miss the resort Åre, where many slopes and lifts are open for downhill biking in the summertime. Jogging is free for all, and can be done almost everywhere.

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