Alpine Skiing

Alpine skiing in Sweden caters to all tastes, from the snowboarding paradise that is Lapland, to the easier slopes in central Sweden. The country boasts several excellent ski resorts, the most famous and prestigious being Åre in Jämtland, host to many international competitions, among them the World Championships in 2007. The conditions are excellent, the amount of snow reliable and the season lasts from mid November to late April. In Riksgränsen, 400 km north of the Polar Circle, you can ski even later than that, to enjoy alpine skiing in the midnight sun.

Cross-country skiing

To most Norwegians, cross-country skiing is a way of life. Few children grow up without going “på tur”, or touring, with their parents. The word “ski” is actually Norwegian! If you love winter, snow, tranquility and exercise, there is nothing better than to head out for a full day of cross-country skiing in the majestic Norwegian mountains, with thousands of kilometers of slopes to choose from. Bring hot chocolate and oranges in your backpack and be prepared to come back relaxed, happy and with a healthy tan.


One of the best ways to enjoy the beauty of the Scandinavian winter landscape is to put on your skates and try out the clear ice of the many frozen lakes. Imagine going for miles, not hearing a sound but the wind and the swooshing sound of your skates, making the first marks on the pristine open spaces of a January lake. Long distance skating is easy in countries where many of the lakes are joined. Pack your backpack the way the Swedes do, with a thermos full of hot chocolate, a couple of oranges and a bar of chocolate, and head out for a refreshing day in the winter sun.

Ice climbing

Climbing a frozen waterfall in Scandinavia is an experience not to be missed if you enjoy extreme winter sports in impressive surroundings. Rjukan in Norway is known as one of the best places in the world for ice climbers. This valley has over 150 routes and good temperatures, and is located between two of the biggest airports in Norway, making it easy to access. A mountaineer, who was asked why he felt the need to climb some of the world’s highest mountains, responded: Because it is there. If ice is your fancy, this is exactly the reason why you should come to Scandinavia.

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