Jogging/ feelgood trips

In a country where “Allemansrätten” gives the general public access to privately owned land for recreation and exercise, no sport could be easier to practice than jogging. There are lots of running tracks of various length all over Sweden, going through green forests and by hidden lakes, that make running a beautiful and fulfilling experience. If you are in the city, jogging in one of the many beautiful public parks is a nice choice for an early summer morning. Djurgården in Stockholm is a green island right in the middle of town, known for its beautiful parks and many tourist attractions. If you’re in Oslo, try jogging in the royal park in Bygdöy, where you run next to the glittering waters of Oslofjorden.


If you’re looking for a challenge in spellbindingly beautiful surroundings, you should try mountain biking in the mountains of Norway, passing by stunning glaciers, steep valleys and alongside narrow fjords. Start out in Hemsedal, one of Norway’s best ski resorts, and make your way through the passes in the wilderness. In Sweden, the ski resort Åre in Jämtland welcomes mountain bikers during the summer season. Many of the lifts and slopes are open to provide you with thrilling downhill biking on Åreskutan, which with its 1420m offers stunning views of Lake Åre, down below.


Golf could be said to be one of Sweden’s national sports, about six percent of the country’s inhabitants being active golfers. Few countries have such a variety of golf courses as Sweden. During the summer months you can enjoy midnight sun golfing in the north of Sweden, or try the courses in Gotland, Sweden’s biggest island situated off the east coast. Anywhere you go, you can expect well kept golf courses in astoundingly beautiful surroundings.


Whether you prefer inland fishing or sea fishing, Norway and Sweden is a paradise for every keen fisherman. Both countries have long coastlines and thousands of lakes. Here you will find everything from exclusive salmon fishing in the Norwegian fjords, to peaceful angling in the hidden forest lakes in Sweden. Fly fishing is common both in Sweden and Norway and there is a large number of destinations offering packages for fishermen of all ages and experience.

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