Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, is one of the world’s most beautiful cities, splendidly spread out over fourteen islands. The city offers a vibrant cultural life, great shopping possibilities and vast variety of different accommodations and restaurants. Top attractions in Stockholm are the Vasa Museum, Junibacken – Astrid Lindgren’s Museum, Drottningholm – the royal residence, the open air museum Skansen and the city hall.


Sweden’s second biggest city is situated on the west coast and is a gateway to the Western Archipelago, with its peerless isles and barren grey archipelago. The city has gained an international reputation for its innovative cuisine using local products, mainly North Atlantic fish and shellfish. Top attractions in Gothenborg are the amusement park Liseberg, the Museum of World Culture, Universeum- the biggest Science center in Scandinavia and the Volvo Museum.


Malmö is Sweden´s third city and a gateway to Continental Europe. It has always been characterized by a somewhat different, more ”continental” atmosphere compared with the country’s other larger towns. Top attractions in Malmö are Öresund bridge which connects Malmö and Copenhagen, Turning Torso – the most exciting apartment-building in Northern Europe. It is 190 m high and twists 90 degrees on its way up to the top. You can also visit the Malmöhus Castle – the oldest remaining Renaissance castle in Scandinavia.


The landscape of Småland is where you can visit Astrid Lindgren’s World – you will meet Pippi Longstocking, Emil and many other characters from Astrid Lindgren’s books in an exciting theme park. Another interesting place to visit is The Kingdom of Crystal (Glasriket) which consists of 15 glassworks – the traditions that can be traced back several centuries and unique collections that awaken the imagination.

Gotland and Öland

Gotland and Öland, the two large islands outside Sweden´s east coast, are both exclusive destinations of unique scenic beauty and rare atmosphere. Visby at Gotland is an outstanding example of a Northern European walled hanseatic town which has in a unique way preserved its townscape and extremely valuable buildings. The city has been entered in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

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