In the cities

Our goal is to assist you with everything you need to be able to focus on your company and clients. When hosting meetings or conferences in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Oslo or other cities we provide the best hotels, conference rooms, dinner reservations and the social acitivities of your choice. When hosting a meeting or conference in one of Scandinavia’s bigger cities, the possibilities are virtually endless. There is a vast variety of conference hotels, cultural events and fantastic restaurants that give you a memorable experience and a productive meeting or conference.

In the countryside

If you choose to host your conference or meeting in the Scandinavian countryside, we provide you with a whole custom-tailored program according to your needs. There are numerous mansions, castles and beautifully situated countryside hotels with full conference equipment all over Scandinavia. Many of them have facilities for sports and leisure to give you lasting memories of your spare time as well. The surroundings are peaceful and allow you to concentrate on your corporate goals, while providing you with the relaxation you need to feel satisfied and at ease when you get back home.

In the mountain resorts

The Swedish and Norwegian mountain resorts are excellent for quality meetings and conferences, hosted in a sporty, genuine and healthy environment. The hotels are some of the best in the country and are fully equipped for smaller meetings as well as bigger conferences. In your free time you could go skiing or climbing, try dog sledding or go for a scooter drive in the mountains. The bigger mountain resorts have a variety of excellent restaurants. We make all the necessary arrangements, from hotel and dinner reservations to excursions.

At sea

Conducting conferences and meetings at sea is an economical and efficient way to stage your event. Let the length of your conference decide your destination, from shorter trips in the Stockholm archipelago, to longer meetings on board cruise ships to Helsinki. Everything you need is on board the ship, and you and your clients share the experience of a beautiful sunset on the front deck, excellent meals in one of the many restaurants on board, and later, dancing and socializing in the bars. The bigger cruise ships have top of the line conference equipment and we provide you with all necessary arrangements and bookings, so that you can concentrate on your goals.

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