Car round trips

Enjoying Sweden by car is an excellent way of seeing both cities and countryside at your own pace. We offer packages where you have the choice of bringing your own car, or letting us arrange a rental car for you. You can also choose our fly and drive package. On your arrival we provide you with all the travel documentation that you need, including maps, hotel vouchers and entrance vouchers for different sights. Each day you drive a pre-arranged distance, going from one hotel to the next. Many of our car round trips are thematic, offering the highlights of Swedish culture, nature, family adventure and city sightseeing, taking you past some of the most beautiful places in the country.

Cycle round trips

Going on a cycle round trip is a relaxing and fulfilling way of getting really close to Swedish nature. You can bring your own bike, or have a rental bike waiting for you on your arrival. Everything is pre-arranged, and you receive maps where each day’s distance is clearly marked, hotel vouchers and entrance tickets for the sights that you may want to visit along the way. The type of bicycle that we offer depends on what kind of cycling you want to do, and what part of Sweden you are visiting. We offer cycle round trips in the forests of Småland and Värmland, mountainbike tours in Säfsen and downhill biking in the mountain resort Åre. You don’t need to worry about your bags, they will be brought to your hotel each day. Enjoy!

Hiking round trips

If you enjoy walking, nature and beautiful scenery, there is no better choice than to go on a hiking round trip in Sweden. We offer pre-arranged hiking trips of different difficulty in various parts of Sweden. You could choose to walk along the ocean on the Swedish east or west coast or go hiking in the deep forests of Värmland or Småland. For those wanting a slightly more demanding hike, we offer round trips in the mountains bording to Norway. Your bags will be brought to you each day as you stop for the night in cabins or at hotels, and we provide you with detailed maps, hotel vouchers and information about the places you pass along the way.

Train/ boat round trips

To see a new country by train or boat might be the best way to enjoy the scenery and sights to the fullest, being able to focus completely on the experience at hand. We offer complete train and boat packages with tickets, hotel vouchers and abundant information about the places you visit or pass by. Why not join our tour on Inlandsbanan, the traditional Swedish train that runs from Kristinehamn to Gällivare all through Swedens inland? Or, if you prefer to go on a boat, try our trip the the Göta Kanal, the canal that runs from east coast to west coast, joining Swedens biggest lakes by cluses? Or go to Norway, to combine sailing with skiing on the glacier.

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