Sightseeing with guide

Visiting a museum, castle or landmark is always a more rewarding experience if you do it with a local guide who can tell you the stories behind what you are seeing. All bigger cities in Scandinavia have good city guides and there are numerous tours to choose from. In Stockholm, Gothenburg and Oslo, you can go for boat trips that take you past all the famous sights of the cities.

Stay in the countryside

Are you looking for peace and quiet? Do you want to be a part of the day-to-day life in the heart of Sweden or Norway? Do you want to experience living like a Scandinavian, in a Scandinavian home? Renting a furnished summer house is a good option. Cottages of all sizes and comfortability are available for rent in every part of Sweden and Norway, for a weekend or more. This might be the best way to really be a part of the country that you are visiting. There are also a rich variety of beautiful castles, manors and guesthouses in the Swedish countryside that offer accommodation.


If you are fortunate enough to visit Sweden in the middle of June, don’t miss the Midsummer festivities, when all Swedes celebrate the longest night of the year by dressing up in folkloristic clothing, dancing around maypoles, eating herring and fresh potatoes and staying up all night to watch the break of dawn. Midsummer is considered a magic night and young girls pick seven different kinds of flowers to put under their pillow, in order to dream of their future husband. Festivities take place all over the country, so be sure not to miss this typical Swedish tradition.

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