Dalarna is famous for its scenic landscapes (the most Swedish) and its lively tradition of folk customs, celebrations and crafts. The Siljan district is fantastic – fabulous natural surroundings, mile-wide views of Lake Siljan’s glittering waters, blossoming meadows: a given place for relaxation. Falun is where the famous brightly colored model Dalecarlian horse comes from and was home to famous Swedish painter Carl Larsson, whose home is open to the public.

High Coast (Höga Kusten)

World Heritage site Höga Kusten, the High Coast, is a dramatic landscape of sea, mountains and steep cliffs. The glacier ice was thickest here, and the greatest land uplift in Sweden takes place right here, with up to 8 mm (0.3 inch) a year.


The county of Jämtland is a vast territory in the middle of Sweden known for its marvelous nature and famous international resorts with winter sport arenas such as Åre (alpine skiing) and Östersund (biathlon). Here you can visit Jamtli Historieland in Östersund – a modern museum where you are transported back into history of this area.

Åre Mountain Resort

Åre is the famous international mountain resort in the western part of Jamtland which is open all year round offering great skiing in the winter and various outdoor activities during summertime. Åre has an international atmosphere with the alpine feeling and is the centre of sport events. The cable car Kabinbanan will take you to 1420 m above sea level in no time so you can enjoy the great view over the mountains around.

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