Reindeer sled tours and sami culture

Lapland in the north of Sweden is home to the Sami, the indigenous people that have lived in this part of Scandinavia for the last 2500 years. To make up for past suppression, the Scandinavian authorities have made extensive efforts to preserve the Sami culture and language. during a visit to a Sami reindeer farm, you get an insight into their fascinating culture, while learning to drive a reindeer sled and even catching a grown male reindeer with a lasso. This is a unique chance of experiencing life 200 km north of the polar circle.

Dog sledding

Experience speed, breathtaking scenery and close teamwork as you swish through the snow and majestic wilderness of northern Scandinavia’s wintery mountains. Dog sledding doesn’t require previous skills, the dogs know what they are doing. When going on a dog sledding tour, you can choose to do a short tour of a couple of hours, or to stay out in the wilderness for days in a row. Up in the snowy mountains, everything is perfectly still. The only sound you hear is the occasional barking of the excited Huskies, as you make your way through the endless white plains.

Snowscooter safari

The engine is revving as you reach top speed, giving you the sensation of flying as you pass through the vast white wilderness that is a beautiful Swedish winter’s day. Riding a snowscooter allows you to cover long distances with minimum effort, but you are still right in the middle of nature. Whenever you want you can stop to make a fire, have a coffee break or go for a short walk where no other footprints than your own are visible. Snowscooter tours are available from two hours up to several days, where you can sleep in the wilderness in tents or stay overnight in mountain cottages.

Motor sport on ice

If you want to go even faster than by snowscooter, ice racing might be just what you are looking for. During the winter months, the ice is thick enough to drive on, and sliding along at top speed on the frozen lakes of Sweden is a thrilling way to experience both the winter scenery and motor sport. Ice racing has a long tradition in Sweden, going back to the 1920s, and is done on ice so slippery it’s virtually impossible to walk on, with 500cc motorcycles equipped with long spikes. You could also try car racing on ice in different car models, among them exclusive beauties like Porsches and Lamborghinis.

Heli-ski/off pist skiing

In the arctic mountains of Sweden and Norway, the winter season stretches well into the month of May, making the region ideal for spring skiing as the days grow longer. The ski resort Riksgränsen, situated 400 km above the Arctic Circle, is a wonderful location for adventurous heli-skiing and off pist skiing. Few summits are over 1800 metres, but the runs are long and steep and offer powder skiing long after the season has ended in the Alps. All helicopters are flown by experienced pilots and this region offers fantastic scenery and many good hotels.

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